This dog falls within the same genetic group as the Chow Chow, the Akita, and the Shiba Inu. He’s always been good with people , children and other dogs and cats. 55 days ago. I have a 9 yr old shar pei and when we got her she was 7 (a recue) and we had two cats, after a while she grew to love them. If regular grooming is neglected it can result in irritations, sores and even mold. Try to enroll your puppy in a training class where they will be around new dogs and new humans at the same time. Some breeds shed all year round, whereas other breeds typically blow their coats a couple of times a year which is when they shed the most. However, all children need to be taught how to behave around dogs, how to handle them and when it is time to leave a dog alone which is especially true when it's meal time. As an owner you have great control over how your dog acts, however, dogs can be either good or bad. As a guide, an adult dog should be offered an hour of exercise daily, though he will happily accept more. The dogs we see today are less wrinkled and taller in the leg than the original dogs that first came out of China and back in the seventies, they were considered one of the rarest breeds in the world. Tellier, LA. Shar-Pei Gifts: Totally Pawsome Shar-Pei Dad Mug - Thoughtful Christmas, Secret Santa, Birthday or Father's Day Shar-Pei Shar Pei Sharpei Dog Gift Idea! One way around this is to look at mixes. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. These dogs love being inside the home where it is cosy and warm because they really dislike the cold. If they are not given enough exercise or enough mental stimulation, it can lead to dogs developing unwanted behavioural issues which includes them being destructive around the home. This would set you back between £50 - £70 a month. Look at pictures of Shar Pei puppies who need a home. You can find even more Shar Pei mixes here. Sharpei dogs can be a handful and they are not recommended for first time dog owners or those with young children. He is the best dog I have ever had! The adult size is primarily determined by genetics. It very nearly led to the breed vanishing off the face of the planet forever. However, if the dog’s immune system becomes weak the demodectic mange can result in hair loss, itchy skin and sometimes even total baldness. However, We don`t give AKC papers with puppies to prevent breeding of our lines. Required fields are marked *. We have had our shar pei since he was 5 weeks old. Why buy a Shar Pei puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? This is a dog that is fiercely loyal and bold. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £11.99 £ 11 . As such, living with a dog means having to put up with a little or a lot of hair being left around the house and on clothes. They do have a strong stubborn streak in them which means they need to be handled and trained by someone who is familiar with this type of dog. Animal Genetics Journal. Pets4Homes also recommends that no dog be left alone at home for more than 4 hours at a time. Shar Peis need enough space to express themselves and as such they are better suited to households with large back gardens where a dog can roam around whenever they can. Add to Likebox #126190052 - Two dogs, a big red-haired Shar-Pei and a small black metis dachshund,.. Abundant and fine wrinkles cover the forehead and the orbital region, which then extend downward to form folds. Similar Images . It has a lower risk of developing serious health problems. Fortunately, there are some great guides to help you with all aspects of puppy care and training. Impact of Facial Conformation On Canine Health. If too much wax builds up in a dog's ear, it can lead to an infection taking hold which once it flares up can lead to all sorts of other ear issues if not treated correctly. my sharpei ( black ) her ears stand straight , she is a registered sharpei, This is my is my question am i going to have a hard time finding another registered to breed her because of her ears? Regardless of the height, an adult Shar Pei should weigh between 18 and 25kg. Anyone who shares a home with a dog that does not like swimming should never force them into the water as this would just scare them even more. The reason for this is that many older dog's hearing is not as good as it once was. Other breeds take their time to learn new things and need more in the way of repetition to get it right which in short, means more time ​and ​patience is needed when training them. Chinese Shar-Pei Fever: also known as Familial Shar-Pei fever, this is an immunoreactive disorder – autoinflammatory syndrome (not autoimmune) found only in Chinese Shar-Pei dogs characterized by random inflammatory events with one or more bouts of unexplained fever, sometimes with Swelling around a joint with or without inflammation or muzzle, Abdominal pain, “roached” back, … 2015. £2,700 Danielle G. 1 day ago . I’ve had peis since 1986, used to breed, show, raise and still today love everything about this breed. Just turned one years old now and we’re getting another pup this coming December 16th 2020. I had a Shar Pei..named Marley. I have a Shar Pei….my first but not last. The first references to them can be found in the form of tomb statues and clay figurines. © Copyright - (2005 - 2021) - Pet Media Ltd, More information on familial Shar-Pei fever. Do you have any advice? Sometimes I just have to snap my fingers and he stops doing whatever it is that is wrong. He gets along well with smaller dogs unless he is feeling ill from something he should not have eaten. It is worth noting that Shar Peis tend to be very messy eaters thanks to their rather thick lips and jowls. classified by veterinarians as ‘very aggressive’. The breed resembles many dog breeds from the mastiff family; however, it is most closely related to spitz breeds, with the Chow Chow being its closest relative. Shar Pei,adult dogs and puppies Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 3 out of 5 for "Grooming Needs". If you are looking for a miniature or toy Shar-Pei, I would strongly suggest that you purchase an older puppy from a reputable breeder. This refers to a build up in the dogs liver, kidneys, spleen and/or gastrointestinal tract, and this can prove fatal. The Miniature Shar-Pei is an intelligent breed that generally responds well to training. In profile, their bottom jaw seems to be wider below than at the top. If you would like to own a Shar Pei dog you might want to look into adoption. It's essential for a puppy to be well socialised from a young age and their training has to start as soon as possible too. They don’t shed that much but still shed a little of course. We have a Motorhome and traveled with our animals. No need to register, buy now! studies looking at facial bites in children. Fortunately, and through the concerted efforts of American breeders, the Shar Pei was saved from extinction with the first dog arriving on British shores in 1981 with female Shar Peis following close behind a year later and they came directly from the Hong Kong breeder Matgo Law. He lives with 4 rotten pugs who devour everything in sight, while he would pick at his food for hours when it was just him. As a owner of a sharpei, it is so rare to find such a rare dog at a shelter. They are taller and generally more ‘normal’ looking than more exaggerated examples of the breed. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Alot of vets and people think that this breed needs constant bathing for reasons I don’t understand. All puppies like to gnaw on things and this includes electric wires and cables which is why it's important for them to be put well out of a puppy's reach. Entropion requires surgery to repair and some Shar-peis require multiple surgeries. 2013. Then in 1949 Mao Zedong and the communist party took over China. Is the Shar Pei a vulnerable breed? Even rescues learn to adjust and enjoy traveling. In the late 1970’s the Shar Pei was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘world’s rarest dog’. With the rise of dog shows and certain ‘breed standards’, many people have chosen to breed for appearance rather than health. Statuettes of dogs have been found in China that date back from 206 BC to 220 AD which was the time of the Han Dynasty and even today visitors to certain regions of the country will still see Shar Pei working alongside their owners whether hunting, herding or guarding. The area should not be too out of the way because a puppy needs to know someone is around and that they are not all alone in a strange environment away from their mothers and their litter mates. A few breeds shed steadily throughout the year and blow their coats in the Spring and Autumn too, whereas other breeds only shed a little hair no matter what time of the year it is. A breeder in Hong Kong saved the breed from extinction and his name was Matgo Law, The Shar Pei is one of the most expensive dogs in the world, Their tongues can be black/blue or lavender in colour depending on a dog’s coat colour, Some people believe that the Shar Pei is not an ancient breed at all, but one that was developed in Hong Kong in the sixties by crossing Boxers with Bulldogs and Bloodhounds as well as Chinese Fighting Dogs, 10 -12 weeks old, bearing in mind that a puppy would not have full protection straight away, but would be fully protected 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination, A reaction to certain chemicals commonly found in household cleaning products, Seasonal allergies which includes pollen and grasses, Food which includes certain meats and cereals often used as ingredients in commercially produced dog food, They need to be wormed again when they are 8 months old, Puppies should be wormed when they are 10 months old, They need to be wormed when they are 12 months old, Feed and water bowls making sure they are not too deep and ideally, they should be ceramic rather than plastic or metal, A good quality dog collar, harness and lead, A dog crate that's not too small or too big that a puppy would feel lost in it, A well-made dog bed bearing in mind that a puppy could well chew on it, Baby and/or dog blankets to use in the puppy's crate and dog bed, Shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for use on dogs, 10 -12 weeks old, bearing in mind that a puppy would not have full protection straight away, but would only be fully protected 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination, Their vision might be impaired and their eyes seem cloudy, Their teeth might not be as in good condition which means they may need dental work, Older dogs tend to sleep more during the day and they get up more frequently at night which is often because their cognitive function is not as sharp as it was when they were young which means older dogs are more easily confused, They tend to be less tolerant of loud noises and sounds, Older dogs often suffer from arthritis so it's important to invest in a comfy dog bed and ideally one that a Shar Pei finds easier to get out of, Dogs when they are older can be a little fussier about their food so it's important to rethink their diet and to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, An older dog's immune system often does not offer them the same protection against illness and infection which puts them more at risk of catching something and why they should see the vet more routinely, An older Shar Peis might not be so keen to go out for a walk and more especially longer ones, They muscle tone and body condition is not as good as when they were young, Lots of baby wipes to clean a dog's wrinkles and folds, 2 months old - 153 g to 238 g depending on a puppy's build, 3 months old - 179 g to 292 g depending on a puppy's build, 4 months old - 191 g to 318 g depending on a puppy's build, 5 months old - 194 g to 339 g depending on a puppy's build, 6 months old - 194 g to 361 g depending on a puppy's build, 8 months old - 157 g to 325 g depending on a puppy's build, 10 months old - 139 g to 261 g depending on a puppy's build, Dogs weighing 18 kg can be fed 215 g to 283 g depending on activity, Dogs weighing 25 kg can be fed 275 g to 362 g depending on activity, Dogs weighing 29 kg can be fed 305 g to 365 g depending on activity. He takes Amoxicillin and I’m also trying other foot soaps and creams per the vet’s advice. You would need to find a breeder. Practice positive reinforcement rather than punishment-based training. The conditions that seem to affect the breed the most include the following: Shar Pei puppies would have had their first vaccinations, but it's essential for them to have their follow-up jabs at the right time with the vaccination schedule being as follows: There has been a lot of discussion about the need for dogs to have boosters. But having many and I mean well over 30 years in handling this specific breed. Crying now. After putting some athlete’s foot cream on it it totally healed and has never bothered him again. It is essential for puppies to be wormed again keeping to a schedule which is as follows: There are items needed to care for a puppy which should be purchased well in advance of their arrival and this includes the following: All puppies are very sensitive to loud noises so it is important to keep the volume of a television down and not to play music too loudly either because it could frighten a Shar Pei puppy and prevent them from napping as they should during the day. The condition predisposes affected individuals to forms of chronic conjunctivitis causing epi… Having a dog that was bred for fighting is like owning a gun, it is your responsibility. They need regular moderate exercise, but can make good pets for city dwellers. The Shar Pei needs to be taught who is the alpha dog in a household because they are much happier and more obedient when they know their place in the pack. The dogs will normally have fairly detailed personality charts which will help you determine whether that particular dog is right for you. Thanx for the loving messages. A dog with a guarding and fighting background, who is confident and independent, is going to be a higher risk. For further advice please read our article on Keeping Children Safe around Dogs. Other than a benadryl every night. I’ve gotten both my shar-peis from county shelters in my state. Metzger, J and Disl, O. Here are a few to get you off on the right foot: Although Shar Pei puppies have a lot of appeal, they aren’t healthy and they do have temperament concerns. All solid colours are acceptable with the exception of white and a dog's coat can be lighter on their tails, the back of their thighs. It's important to feed Shar Peis a correct diet and to give them the right amount of daily exercise to prevent dogs from gaining too much weight. He is the same with strangers; if they want to pet him he is not always keen on it but if its not about him he wants the attention. You can read our generic puppy/dog advice here which includes making sure you see the puppy with its mother and to verify that the dog has been wormed and microchipped. They need a ton of exercise which has to include keeping their minds occupied which makes them the perfect choice for people who lead active, outdoor lives and who like to have a canine companion at their side. I think the dog foods I bought were too rich, I have cooked rice and mixed it with tuna and canned vegetables for many years now. Download: gif. Click the Shar Pei coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). It's also important to check a dog's eyes and to clean them when necessary. Shar Pei puppy food portions, again depending on age, are a bit less: 1¾ cups per day, divided into three meals (not two) until six months of age. “Love Lives forever” And ther always in our hearts…. They have also been classified by veterinarians as ‘very aggressive’. However, the sellers ask buyers for money up front before agreeing to deliver a puppy to a new home. Look at pictures of Shar Pei puppies who need a home. Thank you. It described the dog as ‘one of the last surviving specimens of the breed’. In 2011 scientists found a link between their wrinkles and Shar Pei fever. We never and I can honestly say never had any problems with their skin. Do you think my dogs will change her personality? This is quite obvious in the Shar Pei because they have significantly exaggerated features. 7 beautiful Shar Pei puppies available: 4 males: •1 black - £2100 •1 cream - £2100 •1 apricot - £2100 •1 lilac - £2100 3 females: •1 chocolate (Reserved) •1 cream - £2200 •1 apricot £2200 All... Favourite this Advert. The ideal place is somewhere they can be watched over and heard, but where they would not be disturbed by too much traffic walking by.

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