"Emotional story with characters you can relate to" is the primary reason people pick The Last of Us Remastered over the competition. You will quickly regret any hasty decisions (like fighting three demon Samurai out in the open) since they'll most likely lead to your death. From beginning to the end it's filled with sad scenes and touching moments, so you're in for a ride. Now you just press 1 button to unleash bloody and bone crushing finishing moves. Are you sure that you want to abandon your hard work? Joueurs de tous horizons, découvrez sans plus tarder notre sélection Jeux PS4 Aventure pas cher ! It might seem really hard at first, but if you carefully look at the environment you'll find a path. View our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. Jeux Action-Aventure sur Playstation 4 . All of these small details add up making the game world feel like a living, breathing place. 13,34 € En stock Ajouter au panier Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS4. Stop wasting time searching endlessly. Much of the content in the first chapter are a bunch of training levels that are represented as being done on a set of some kind, giving a feeling of not being real. What lead to their creation and why did civilization regress to pockets of tribal settlements. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment when you finally beat a giant mythical demon. The total size of Witcher 3's world is about 52 square miles, which is 3.5 times larger than Skyrim and 1.5 times larger than Grand Theft Auto V. Thanks to the sheer size you feel like you're in a real world and not a constrained box. Search our huge selection of new and used PlayStation 4 Adventure Games at fantastic prices at GameStop. Most of the time you'll be forced to move along a single path. This plot has been used in other franchises such as Indiana Jones and Uncharted. It sails through the air as it cuts up enemies, and then with a 2nd button tap you can recall it back into your outstretched hand as your controller gently rumbles. You don’t need to draw the lines perfectly, it is enough to roughly match the required drawing. The monster designs are especially noteworthy, allowing you to make out even the tiniest details on scales, feathers, and claws. The acquired skills will also carry over to other games in the same genre. Vivez pleinement votre passion des Jeux Vidéo grâce à Cdiscount ! Up to 8 players can join any Terraria world. It also makes for a great objective-less game, where you can do just about anything you want at your own pace. This look and feel to the graphics is a nice change of pace from ultra-realistic games. You can ride a horse, use a boat, or just simply fast travel to explored locations. Along the way, you’ll find history, rooted in Japanese mythology, and you'll meet a lot of imaginative characters. The cloaking field makes it a lot safer to travel and a lot easier to get the jump on enemies. More are being added all the time. Terraria has all kinds of tools and materials you can use to build whatever you can imagine. This allows players a great deal of freedom in experimentation and the customization of play style. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is an open world adventure game with some of the best graphics available, and many lands and seas to explore. Spider-Man (PS4) Action 07 September 2018. Everyone has their own fleshed out, personal struggles, showcasing the actual people who both help and fight Spider-Man in his goals to save the city from the villains who come up throughout the 15-20 hour story. It's a really fun and creative way of fighting normally not seen in games. I have played it multiple time even the DLC Left behind, I highly recommend playing this game & I give it 5/5. You can also craft weapons such as the Molotov cocktail and the nail bomb. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon. (Game Protagonist). One example that comes to mind is the tower unlocking in open work games to gain access to the map. Atreus, your son, fights alongside you stunning and shooting enemies, and is way more of a boon than a hindrance that has to be micromanaged. Being stealthy in The Last of Us actually feels rewarding since it allows you to conserve ammo/supplies that could be useful in later parts of the game. Emotional, and fairly good combat system. When you win, you know it's because you/your team played well. Escalation missions remix the maps, giving players new targets to complete in the same maps. Find the best PlayStation 4 Adventure games on GameSpot, including Spiritfarer and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim! The cover system is a bit wonky at times, causing you to take cover at the wrong places. Right at the start, there is a ~18-minute long, slow cutscene that you can't skip. PS4 Although the enemy and boss designs are top-notch, the moment-to-moment swordplay with Senua isn't as deep as it could have been. PS4. This makes it seem like there are frame-rate drops even though the game runs at a stable 30 fps. All of these gameplay elements combined help to constantly reinforce the dynamic between the pair. You can just walk around for hours, find abandoned structures, caves, etc and find interesting side quests to do. The same button used to block enemy attacks is also used to activate some special moves called Runics. Pockets of decaying land, thriving with misshapen monstrosities. PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch PC ... PS4 Action-Aventure. It seems weird something like this even passed QA since most modern titles have no input lag. Then you'll start building your encampment, learning how the day/night cycle and the seasons work. However, on its own it's mediocre at best, so you have to get other abilities to make it more effective. It feels refreshing to actually impact your character's fate and not just trot along a path to an inevitable conclusion. Once the main level and objective is complete, players can move on to escalation missions or player-created contracts. Even with no enemies in sight, it still remains fun to just toss it around and see what you can smash with it. The game gives you a lot of customization options. Õkami, though not an open-world game, still has a vast map, consisting of seven regions and numerous subregions. Find the best PlayStation 4 Action games on GameSpot, including Final Fantasy VII Remake and Spiritfarer! While you do get to see plenty of his typical silly snarks as with his mask on, what happens when he's just Peter with his friends is equally as interesting, if not more so. I think even buying a PlayStation just for playing this game is worth it! You'll also gather basic food such as mushrooms and carrots. Hitman is a game built to be replayed. The downside is that reloading leaves you defenseless, ammo can run out, and being too close or too far to the monster reduces the damage effectiveness. Each level is large, so there is quite a lot to see and do in each one. This is great for children who enjoy building and problem solving, and for adults who enjoy the same. To survive you'll have to be always on the move, dodge enemy attacks, and be accurate when you retaliate. We love Sony and their products! Jeu d'action-aventure à la troisième personne sur Xbox 360, Lords of Shadow donne au joueur la possibilité d'incarner le mystérieux Gabriel. They don't feel anywhere near as engaging as the main story, either. This throw effect is not only used for combat, but also for environmental puzzles and smashing obstacles. NPCs rarely ever repeat the same lines. Because of this, there are many servers to play on, as well as tutorials and Let's Plays. A focus on free-running and stealth with easy, simple and interesting controls. In Rise of the Tomb Raider there are 9 optional tombs that serve as large scale environmental puzzles. This game takes place in a Gothic, Victorian era (1800s Europe) inspired city. With no UI elements for health bars, neither for Senua nor the enemies she faces, these boss fights are an exercise of patience and mettle, giving an adrenaline-filled sense of satisfaction after a hard-fought victory. Since you can't zoom in and out at will, you are always locked in the fixed view that the camera wants you to be in. The growth and development of the duo is always center stage. Most games nowadays are plagued by needlessly high level caps, useless skills and meaningless upgrades. For players unsure where to start, the challenge system offers a wide variety of hints. Once your knowledge reaches a certain level, you'll be able to survive indefinitely. Plateforme: PS4 Sortie: 10/27/2020 Éditeur: GAMEMILL ENTERTAINMENT Genre: Action, Aventure, Jeu de combat Langues à l’écran: Anglais All of this is made worse by the limited inventory space, causing you to make the same trip multiple times. The deep and commanding voice of Kratos, voiced by Christopher Judge, is extremely fitting and exactly what you would expect from a powerful god killer. Tous les Jeux d'aventure, triés par meilleures notes.D'hier à aujourd'hui jusqu'à 2021 Le guide d'achat de tous les jeux vidéo d'Aventure . You track them down in their natural habitat, be it a giant forest, a valley littered with dead bodies, or an active volcano, engaging them in combat that quickly turns in a struggle for survival. As a result, there’s enough variety and depth that most players will be able to find a weapon that suits their playstyle. Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't have many puzzles or slow-paced sections, so you never really feel like a treasure hunter looking for artifacts. Whatever you choose, it feels great to destroy hordes of enemies. Découvrez les jeux Aventure sur PlayStation 4 répertoriés sur jeuxvideo.com dont Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Marvel's Spider-Man : Miles Morales et Watch Dogs Legion The voice-over was done by actors actually saying the text that's shown in the dialogue box, but then the recording was speeded up and resulted in a cartoon-like gibberish. You'll have unlocked most of them before you know it only to realize how much time has passed already. Beating one of these beasts after a long and exhausting struggle is extremely satisfying. Many of them are standard quests, like going to fetch pigeons or beating up random enemies. Or you can get into a direct confrontation, which is a lot more intense when there are multiple enemies. Hitman provides a strong context for the player's actions, but there is no wrong way to play, so long as you get the target. The first few attempts will last only a couple of in-game days. The best game I've ever played; literally changed my life and how I look at the world now. It might also take while before you fully master your weapon of choice because the tutorials are too basic, instructing you just on basic controls and combos. The character models and animations are also phenomenal. Ouvrez les portes du plus beau magasin du Web ! During the latter half of the game the gunfights will suddenly become a lot harder. This is because most of the starting recipes share the same required materials. It can be infected humans, werewolves, and even demonic beasts. You'll have to learn their patterns, so you know when to dodge or attack with your weapon (usually a bow or slingshot). Even the waves in the sea look like cardboard cutouts used in a puppet show. All of this is brought to life by a very vibrant color palette, making the game a treat for the eyes. During activities such as arm wrestling, there's nothing too exciting about smashing the same button over and over. This way you can take them out silently with your spear, minimizing the danger. Each of their movements and facial expressions look real, creating a movie like experience. Exploring in Nioh feels worthwhile since it helps you find new equipment and rare materials. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Édition Définitive PS4. The Last of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are probably your best bets out of the 64 options considered. Whichever way you choose, it will feel like you've made the right choice. Certain game mechanics cleverly use this camera work to their advantage. Unless you die, there isn't a single loading screen. The camera would spend in different directions. It takes normally overused cliches of every genre of video games and ramps all of them up to their best possible version. It would have been nice to see more puzzles to balance out the action. If you haven't played this game, you should! For example, fast travel around the game world is handled through the seamless camera trick of stepping through a gateway as if it's a door. Each one can be used to weave combos in tandem with your character's acrobatic movements, smashing or slashing the demons you encounter. The game goes out of it's way to make sure almost everything is focused on Vincent and Leo, the dynamics of their relationship, and how their story plays out. You'll have to repeatedly collect a lot of basic materials like twigs, grass, and ore. Sometimes a mixup in the heat of combat can cause a Runic to go off by accident. They all rely on you reading the environment carefully. One of the most satisfying aspects is throwing it like a boomerang. ... Action / Aventure Nouveautés Mode de jeux. Playing with headphones on is a must in order to feel the full experience of the voices and how well they blend into the gameplay. For example, when traveling with Atreus and you stop too long to admire the view, he will start complaining about how bored he is. With how standard and procedural they are, they're just there to fill up space and let you earn some rewards to customize Spider-Man's outfit with. 16,49 € En stock Ajouter au panier Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4. The downside is that the dual blades have a short reach, so you have to be willing to throw yourself into danger by staying as close to the monster as possible. Combat is just plain enjoyable and fun. Nioh is a very fast-paced game, which also rewards awareness and patience. However, once you start exploring and spend time in it you'll notice it's not as cozy as it first seemed to be. Best game I ever played. The last third of the game can be quite repetitive, tasking the player with the same objectives over and over again. You can easily take out most enemies in an open confrontation and you won't ever feel like you're truly in danger. Weaving his shots and runic ability in with your own attacks creates a great synergy between the two in combat, and helps to emphasize their relationship as a father and son team. Hacking and slashing with the axe feels brutal and impactful. The many voices in Senua's head, all with their own unique personalities, showcase her struggles with psychosis, with the voices either taunting Senua, picking at her weaknesses, or encouraging her to stand her ground and fight. This may cause some frustration and worsen your overall experience. It's also because of the many beautiful sights you get to see, causing you to often stop and take it all in. Vast and dark cave systems, filled with odd creatures and various dangers. The motivations, actions, and growth of your character is believable. It can throw off your timing and/or break your rhythm, especially in high-intensity moments when split-second reactions are important. It feels nice to finally see them in a video game. This may remove the challenge and enjoyment, causing it to feel like a chore, especially because the loot also remains low-level. The gameplay is based on three pillars. These high-pitched voices can become quite annoying over the 40-60 hours of gameplay, luckily, the voice-over can be turned off in the settings. Throughout the game, you can use three types of melee weapons: mirrors, rosaries, and swords. The unusual art style takes inspiration from traditional Japanese woodblock paintings, called Ukiyo-e. Starting out you'll only be gathering twigs and grass, maybe chop a tree. bonjour a toute et a tous voila se top 5 des jeux action aventure sur PS4 prévue pour 2016 donc laissez un like ou un commentaire et bon visionnage Since the game relies on mostly simple mechanics, there's very little frustration involved, and that leaves a whole lot of room for fun. Ary And The Secret Of Seasons sur PS4, un jeu Action / aventure pour PS4 Produit Cdiscount à v o l o nté Explorez le monde merveilleux de Valdi !Ary and the Secret of Seasons est un jeu d'aventure primé suivant les péripéties d'Aryelle, ou Ary, à travers le monde extraordinaire de Valdi. It's the type of combat where you'll steadily improve with practice, making it feel rewarding when you get the hang of it. It seems kinda lazy, especially because both of these franchises are also about treasure hunters. pas cher sur Cdiscount. When you finally beat the monster, it's thanks to your skill and effort as a player, which feels both rewarding and gratifying. The crafting system has a lot of depth to it and there are tons of items to make. PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch FPS ACTION-AVENTURE Switch ACTION Android RPG iOS STEAM Xboxone PlayStation 4 ubisoft MMORPG GUIDE trailer Goclecd Nintendo. Even the leather and fur on armor looks and reacts realistically during movement. During online play you'll encounter hackers who have infinite money, can spawn any vehicle of their choice, and many other things, which reduces the fun quite a bit. Mostly because it feels like a giant sandbox where you're allowed to do anything and simply have fun. If you can get over this initial hurdle, you'll finally start enjoying the game. While they're not impossible to beat, the sudden difficulty spike will take time to get used to. This is achieved thanks to amazing voice acting and excellent writing. It starts out simple, with you whacking away at slow moving zombies and flying eyes, gradually shifting to more fierce and fearsome enemies such as flying demons, agile lizardmen, and many more. There's a dark sense of humor that pervades the game. Dive into fantasy world's full of action and adventure! HZD was the first game of its size and scope that I played and I was blown away. 09/12/2016 à 17:55. More so than previous games in the series, Hitman has many objects that can be tampered or interacted with. Unleashing special moves feels great since they reward careful timing as opposed to just mashing buttons. Escalations are unusual in that they feature specific constraints, such as specific uniforms that must be worn, or specific methods of assassination. Melee weapons such as swords, hammers, lances, and flails. Play it. Chaining combos is your best bet, rewarding you with fancy and flashy acrobatics that are great to watch as well as a good deal of invincibility as you take down one bad guy after another. Game has NPCs who make you think twice before you make a decision. Zipping across town from quest marker to quest marker is quick and convenient: with simple aiming and button presses, you aim your web at the top corner of a skyscraper, for example, and then you swing through other buildings and across the busy streets to get there. It's also very exciting to accidentally stumble upon secret areas. That makes you think how far you'd go to survive and how long you'd still be your old self. It's very easy to get lost in GTA V's world both figuratively and literally. Everything in the game is structured to be one big cooperative experience that will have you and friend relying on one another to get things done. If you're too agitated you might even die without reaching that boss again, which adds even more to the frustration. They often break the pace of exploration, with too many instances of Senua needing to loop around a small area several times in order to align shadows or illusory portals to open up the path to the next area. An amazing game which is in my top 5 games played on the PlayStation 4. The levels in Dishonored 2 have many branching paths, so you're never forced to use any specific playstyle to complete a level. The buildings are dark and tall, instilling in you a sense of awe and fear. You'll most likely die a lot, especially while you're still getting used to the game. Throwing your axe and having it boomerang back to you also never gets old. The game features frequent online updates, limited-time event assassinations, and other features that benefit from an online connection, but players cannot opt out of these features if they simply wish to play the single-player campaign. To counteract these you need to plan properly and will probably die the first time around. There are just way too many gunfights and high intensity moments one after another. By traveling off the beaten path and straying away from the main storyline, you'll find collectibles, treasure chests, challenging enemies, and various loot, so it's always rewarding to poke around and seek out the secrets. The world is intimidatingly massive but thankfully there are ways to cut down on travel time. While there's still a linear story to follow, there are plenty of optional side areas that you will have to discover on your own. So it doesn't matter if you're walking along a beach packed with people, biking around a dimly lit city, cruising down a highway next to the ocean, or just hiking on the forested mountains, GTA V's world feels like a real place you can explore endlessly. The official PlayStation™Store - Buy the latest PlayStation® games for your PS4™, PS3™, and PS Vita. They are similar to real animals in both appearance and behavior, so a lot of them move in packs. Later there are some more cutscenes, but these can be fast-forwarded through. Découvrez l'offre Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition sur PS4, un jeu Action / aventure pour PS4. Fighting against goons on the ground is a solid experience that keeps your attention for the most part. This game has some fun on the side which doesn't contribute to the story but is fun anyways, its optional to do. Another example is an ability that links enemy souls together. Swinging around the city with Spider-Man's web is even more fluid with the way the camera zooms in and out to show you a full vantage point of the city, filled with tons of details that make you feel like you have a real bird's-eye view of the area. This includes social media, consumerism, and even our growing inability to focus on important issues. Spider-Man is a really great-looking game. When you finally manage to defeat them, it truly feels like an achievement. These will unlock new outfits or other items. Nothing newer than the war between the Assassins and the Templars. The paintbrush techniques get a lot of use in these missions as well, for solving riddles and puzzles. The gist of the plot is that Lara is searching for the key to eternal life. God of War is played from start to finish as one continuous camera shot without interruption. Whatever you decide to do it's very easy to lose track of time. Bosses in most games nowadays hardly ever give the player any challenge. Traversing across buildings with Spider-Man's web-slinging ability is thrilling. It starts off with a basic light and heavy attack, but as the game goes on, you'll be constantly upgrading it with new and improved powers by killing bosses. The scenarios are endless, you just have to let loose your creativity. There are occasional quick-time events and simple puzzles, but every situation only has a single solution. You have to be careful in how you approach them, because provoking one of them will also provoke the others. Additionally, Atreus is the only one who can read the many Norse mythology and lore runes scattered around the game world. The feeling that this was done to extend the gameplay is difficult to ignore. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez le dépôt de cookies de Sony Interactive Entertainement France et de tiers, destinés à mesurer votre fréquentation sur notre site, et à vous proposer des contenus personnalisés, des services, offres ou publicités, adaptés en … You can barge in through the front door, slashing and shooting everyone in the way. While Kratos may be the protective father and leading the charge, he also learns a few things from the boy during their journey. Each level also features 20 'Mastery' levels, which unlock tools and insertion locations that expand the way the level can be played. There are almost no lazy "go get me 12 turtle shells" quests in the Witcher 3 and you get to experience some amazing writing even in the most obscure side quests. The real highlight of Õkami, however, are the paintbrush techniques, which can be used for attacking enemies or manipulating the environment. You can boost each other up ledges and even row a boat together down a raging river. The skyscrapers across Manhattan in New York City gleam in the sunlight and moonlight, the streets are densely packed with shining cars and busy civilians, and the character models are all realistic enough to believe. Another example, the bowgun, can be used to fight monsters at a safe distance and multiple ammo types, tailored for specific monsters and situations. Even when you finally manage to beat a difficult monster, your short-lived triumph will soon turn into dread, causing you to wonder about how difficult the next monster is gonna be. DERRIERE LES JEUX, L'HUMAIN. It also deals with the harsh reality of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The characters on-screen may feel like real people, so it's very easy to forget you're playing a game and not watching a TV series. In Horizon Zero Dawn Each upgrade and new skill unlock actually helps you become a more efficient hunter. Developers have taken great care to make an interesting story, but what really pulls you in is the dialogue and character interactions. Even players that are good at the game still have difficulties facing some enemies. Their abilities are varied enough that you'll keep wanting to try out new characters. This can be rough to adjust to in some combat situations, like enemies sneaking up behind you. While playing single player, if the player loses connection to the game's servers (through their own internet going down or the servers going down) the game will boot the player back to the start screen, meaning any advancement made in the game will be lost. Story based around robots and A.I. The decisions during main quests and side-quests affect how the endings play out, adding up 36 possible outcomes. Most of the actions in the game involve only a few quick button presses, but the level of teamwork and communication involved in playing out each and every scenario is where this co-op experience truly shines. Ce top vous a t'il convaincu ? You won't fall in love with any characters, and nothing that happens will shock or awe you. Super Turbo Championship Edition, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected/Gat out of Hell, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition, Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition, The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Games Mini-Series. The carrying capacity upgrade helps you go on longer hunts without having to make a return trip. Terraria uses a bright color palette and an upbeat chiptune soundtrack to ease you into its world. Each tremble of fear in Senua's voice and her sharp cries of pain in battle further highlight her determination to reach her goal, pressing onward in the face of insurmountable obstacles. The game's six levels are all big sandboxes that allow players to complete their tasks in any way they see fit. Monster Hunter: World is considered an action-RPG, but you don't level up or learn any new skills like in most RPGs. Most of the Marvel characters are accurately depicted (albeit in their LEGO forms). However, like a son obeying his father, will only unleash his most powerful attacks when you order him to do so. This can take a really long time, especially if you're unlucky with the items dropped by mobs.