Chemin aux Bœufs, 72100 Le Mans, France. CXO INFOSEC WEB SHOW | SEE THOUGHTS FOR 2021. Automated reasoning targets the resolution of complex puzzles: the algorithms developed in his lab can solve the most devilish Sudoku grids in less than a millisecond, can learn the rules of Sudoku from examples but also solve much harder and more serious puzzles (but many others are still too hard and cannot be solved). for waste processing. He is currently advisor on Security and Defense at the Council of the EU, leading on various security issues including cybersecurity and new technologies, counterfinancing of terrorism, Sub-Saharan Africa, CBRNe, and defense policy. Fabien BARDINETSenior Vice President – Head of Manufacturing Engineering. He has been the director of the Inria Bordeaux – Sud-Ouest research center since July 2017. Nous répertorions toutes les conférences et événements sur la cybersécurité qui se déroulent en France. Page Transparency See More. Arnaud brings more than 30 years of experience in the space business, where he has been holding over the years, a variety of Engineering, Satellite Programme Management and Director Positions. She’s a regular speaker and adviser on AI ethics topics and was ranked « Top 50 Women Pioneers in Tech in France » in 2018. Founder and Head of the Data Science Unit, Artificial Intelligence Fast Track Leader, AIRBUS, Associate Dean of Research, KEDGE Business School, Director of Bordeaux-Sud-Ouest Inria Research Centre, INRIA. Adjuncted Professor at the University of Toulouse and professor at the Catholic Institute for High Studies, he has written numerous articles on Criminal Justice Systems Reform, Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism. Conférence petit-déjeuner sur la cybersécurité au sein de votre entreprise. More recently, he started to use the AI algorithms developed in his lab to tackle a very serious puzzle: organizing atoms to design new molecules (proteins) that could then act as nano-agents in the real word. Conférence Hack-it-N. Réservez la date, la conférence sera le mardi 10 décembre 2019 à l'ENSEIRB-MATMECA. This is especially the case for AI, considered as a « black box ». Dr. Bonnefon is a Research Director at the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, affiliated to the Toulouse School of Economics, the Toulouse School of Management, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse. Vous êtes à la recherche de plans à Paris ? Marjorie Allain-Moulet has been an AI and Big Data specialist in CS Group since 2014. Watch Queue Queue. Before he was Head of Telecommunications Satellites at Airbus for 10 years, delivering more than 40 geostationary communications satellites to the world top operators with the highest quality standard and boosting innovation and industrial efficiency in his organization. Receive Country-Wide, Niche-Specific Alerts on Events and Ticket Discounts - and more! Before joining Balyo, Fabien served as a vice president at Aldebaran Robotics, a specialized humanoid robotic firm, where he worked alongside its founder, Bruno Maisonnier. He also holds a Ph.D. in Management from Montpellier University and a M.Sc. Hidalgo’s is also the author of three books: Why Information Grows (Basic Books, 2015),  The Atlas of Economic Complexity (MIT Press, 2014), and How Humans Judge Machines (MIT Press, Forthcoming 2020). She serves as Associated Editor for several international peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, IISE Transactions (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) and Omega-International Journal of Management Science. ... Merci à tous les participants à la conférence organisée dans les locaux de Matilan & Septeo mardi dernier ! Frédéric Pradeilles became Director of the “Digital Solutions, Ground Segments and Operations” Directorate as of April 2018. He holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor in Physics from Universidad Católica de Chile.Hidalgo’s contributions have been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2018 Lagrange Prize and three Webby Awards. Caroline Lair is the founder of The Good AI, a go-to online resource aiming to help companies, policymakers, scholars and aspiring students harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for good and build responsible technologies. Contact Conférence du Barreau de Bordeaux on Messenger. Ses conférences s’adressent au grand public comme aux experts. He joined AIRBUS in 2001 and spent more than ten years managing research and technology for simulation, model based system engineering, and aircraft avionics. Décideurs et entrepreneurs : inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ! He served previously as a senior supply officer in the French Navy for almost 15 years. His research focuses on equity in healthcare and on the assessment of healthcare coordination using real world data. Que vous soyez nouveau dans le coin ou pas, ou juste de passage, vous trouverez certainement sur Eventbrite une activité susceptible de vous intéresser. Jean-Paul Laborde was the Head of the Secretariat for the negotiations of the Transnational Organized Crime Convention at the UNODC Vienna before assuming the functions of Assistant Secretary General in New-York as Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate at the UN Security Council until 31 July 2017. Patrick Séguéla holds a doctorate in AI, is an engineer from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA). Thomas has a chair in the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI), he is associate editor of the Artificial Intelligence Journal and editor of the Award Winning paper track of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR). She is member of board of DATAIA (Saclay) and of the HUB France IA. Professionally, he is a university professor in Mathematics and was President of the University Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier. Thierry Berthier est un expert, consultant, chercheur reconnu en cybersécurité & cyberdéfense. He is also Professor at the French Military Academy, St-Cyr Coëtquidan and chairs the activities on cybersecurity/ cyberdefense and is the director of the Centre of expertise on CT Activities. Since September 2018, I manage the Operations Division at Pole Emploi in the Occitanie region. has been leading the development and business growth of the company to create a leader in Economic Intelligence powered by AI. François-Marie LESAFFREArtificial Intelligence Technological Champion. Stéphanie Allassonnière is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Paris School of Medicine. Conférence du Ministère de l'intérieur sur la sécurité à Bordeaux La cyberattaque mondiale « Wannacry » en mai 2017 remet en cause une fois de plus le niveau de sécurité informatique au sein des entreprises. After two years as a innovation project manager and a CEDEP training in Business Excellence, I am now the head of the DaherLab. Fabien is convinced that robotics is key to build a world in which people will be free from doing dull, dirty and dangerous task. Hosted by. Prior to this, she held operational positions in strategic planning and marketing within the luxury industry for the European and North American markets. Gérard de Boisboissel is a research engineer at the Saint-Cyr Military Academy (CREC Saint-Cyr). He also co-organized four editions of the Forum on Tactile and Gestural Interaction and an Inria – Industry Meeting on « Interaction with digital objects and services ». In this resource, we list French Cybersecurity Conferences taking place throughout 2020. How can Europe compete in the AI race largely led by China and the USA? He is a member of the Task Force of the World Health Organization on the ethical regulation of AI in health. He held several senior investment positions within top leading investment banks and hedge funds, starting his career in 1998 for the equity derivatives trading division of Société Générale in New York. Associate professor at ISAE/SUPAERO in Mathematics until 1999, he spent 8 years with DGA (French Defense Procurement Agency) as a manager in the fields of Space, Observation, Intelligence, UAVS and of System of systems engineering. Nubbo Incubator hosts in Toulouse project holders for innovative business creation. Date: Throughout the year Location: Worldwide and Virtual. Elle participe également à des groupes de travail et de réflexion avec de nombreux partenaires publics et privés. Jean-Jacques Toumazet started his career in Thales as project manager on real time simulators. Born in Mauritius, married with 2 sons, Arnaud graduated in Aeronautical and Space Engineering (ISAE 1987), and holds an MSC in Robotics and a Business Strategy degree from Harvard Business School. She was Professor at the University of Paris 11-Orsay, where she was advisor to 20 PhDs (neural networks, deep learning). Romaric REDONArtificial Intelligence Fast Track Leader. In 2016 Olivier started a new challenge in the automotive industry, building data-driven and AI-powered services in the Cloud for connected vehicles. He’s also contributing to the AI and data experts community at the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA). He is the co-founder of KanopyMed, a company aimed at improving health care systems through data-driven and population-based decision-support tools. Philippe Coste is currently Partner at At Home, a community of 65 start-ups based in Toulouse and Paris. She has been invited to talk about her research by many internationally recognized universities and co-supervised 11 PhD students. Since 2014 she has been in charge of developing R&D activities like the IKATS project dealing with Analysing Time Series upon a Big Data architecture. Conférence spéciale : la cybersécurité à l'heure du tout numérique - Duration: 39:26. polymtlvideos 755 views. By joining this newsletter you'll receive all of our alerts for every country we report on. Trainer and speaker, she works with professionals and universities. Programme et inscription. 1,057 people like this. Former student of the National School of Administration and the Graduate School of Public Health, David GRUSON, 41, is Director of the Health Program of the Jouve Group, specializing in digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence Technological Champion. He knows how to connect people with passion, and how to mix talent and skills to build big things. His work mainly concerns the operational implementation of AI techniques from laboratories. After graduating from l’Ecole Polytechnique in France and a Master of Science degree focused on information security from the Georgia Institute of Technologie in Atlanta US, I began my career in the French Ministry of Defense as a R&D software developer in cyberdefense. He completed his medical degree (Public Health) at Montpellier University. I have held this position for 8 years, firstly in Pau and then in Toulouse. His recent research activities have been focused on machine learning and statistical signal and image processing, with a particular interest in Bayesian inverse problems and applications to remote sensing, biomedical imaging and microscopy. In 2007, he took the lead of the R&T department in applied mathematics to develop advanced methods in physical modelling, optimization, CAD/CAE, High Performance Computing, Probabilistic & Statistical Modelling and Model-based systems Engineering. BSides Security, or BSides, came to life due to the high number of individuals and organizations who have wanted to participate in Black Hat Briefings but couldn’t conceivably be accommodated.When all the talks that weren’t accepted were presented to smaller groups, the BSides Series was born. En partenariat avec : PROGRAMME & INTERVENANTS. She was a member of the AI High Level Experts group for the European Commission and is co-chair of the working group “innovation & commercialization” for the GPAI (Global Partnership on AI). Olivier FLEBUS has 20+ years of experience with software development, enterprise architecture, technology consulting, business consulting and agile coaching in various roles and domains (science, finance, industry). It supports them from the stage of the proof of concept or first prototype up to the stage of the first business contracts and first fund raising. Is your company trustworthy? He was, in particular, adviser to the Prime Minister in charge of health and autonomy (2010-2012) and director general of the University Hospital Center of La Réunion (2012-2016). A Critique of Enhanced Organization  » (Erès, 2020), “An AI at Work. She has co-authored more than 150 scientific publications and 13 books. Plon). 11 rue du docteur paillot, 73100 Aix-les-Bains. MODEL RH aims at strengthening links between strategy analysis, skills demand forecasting and training offers for players who build new national education and training strategies (e.g. The idea of XXII in mind since forever, William Eldin defines his credo as: “let’s be simple, fast and transparent, look far and don’t be afraid! Raphael previously led a product team at Withings, a leader in healthcare IoT products, following the acquisition by Withings of Zyken, a sleeptech startup he founded. His proposals on health AI inspired the artificial intelligence component of the revision of the bioethics law which has just been voted in Parliament. She received her PhD degree in Applied Mathematics (2007), studied one year as postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Imaging Science at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Arnaud de Rosnay is Head of Spacecraft and Systems Engineering at Airbus Defence and Space since September 2019. Then, as a deputy to the information security directorate manager of the DGA, I was involved in the industrial policy and innovation for cyberdefense technologies as well as developing international and inter administration partnerships. This page is updated automatically and filtered with security events pertaining to Bordeaux. Since 2015, he has led a partnership between Ecole Polytechnique and the national institution CNAM to develop Big Data methodologies based on SNDS (one of the largest medico-administrative databases in the world). ÉDITION 2020 – CONFÉRENCE. Before, he has been a permanent researcher in Sony Computer Science Laboratory for 8 years (1999-2007). Her Publications (h-index : 37) are listed: VOIR LE REPLAY. Emmanuel Bacry graduated from ENS (Ulm) and obtained in 1992 a PhD in Mathematics and in 1996 the Habilitation à diriger des recherches. Ghizlaine’s focus today is to use the powerful technology that her team has developed in order to create a new generation of ESG indicators allowing a neutral, impartial and normalized assessment of the extra financial performance and its comparison between peers. Since february 2020, he holds the position of Expert Leader in Artificial Intelligence and manages the world-wide network in this field with applications in all domains and functions (engineering, supply-chain & manufacturing, sales & after-sales, quality, support functions, …). Apports de l'IA à la cybersécurité, sécurité des solutions embarquant de l'a… He is Professor at the Sciences Po Paris Health Chair. In 2004, she took responsibility as head of governance for the administrative and general management information systems at the Ministry of Defense. Serial entrepreneur, William is mostly a leader and visionary. We’re the original InfoSec Conferences directory. Grégoire MERCIERFounder and Head of the Data Science Unit. Graduated in 1993 with a doctorate in Machine Learning from Orsay’s laboratory, she was a key actor in developping the Data Science and Big Data competence center at CS group. Mick is Director of Business Innovation at Business & Decision (Orange Business Services Group). At the national level, how should the AI industry be organized without locking itself from the inside? Sécurité . Early 2020 Fabien joined Airbus as VP in charge of Robotics and Automation. He is the founder and president of the ThinkTank PRISSM, at the request of the Occitanie region, bringing together 60 companies from the South of France, professionals in ISS; Think tank which becomes in 2018 the association Hexatrust Occitanie, bringing together the regional nuggets. Straight-edge center bureaux VIP & luxury cowork. He is the co-Convener of the AI Civic Forum (AICF) organized in partnership with University of Montreal (Algora Lab), Mila, and UNESCO; and of the Global Governance of AI Forum (GGAF) organized yearly during the World Government Summit in Dubai. Raphael was also board member of Sparus Software, a leading Mobile Device Management player, until its acquisition by Zenprise, itself acquired by Citrix Systems for 327 M$. He joined the corporate research center of Airbus in 2000. He has developed a new indicator which is now part of the national guidelines on healthcare coordination. He was involved in the screening and development of strategic partnerships in Europe and abroad (India/Russia). His creativity, his vision and passion for technologies as well as his wish to keep moving forward, brought him to build XXII, a deep technology company composed of more than sixty passionate collaborators. Prior to this, Caroline did operate in various business positions, lately at Snips, building private by design AI Voice Assistant ( acquired by Sonos in November 2019) and at HCVC venture capital firm, as an investor and partner. In particular, he is laureate of the Inria-National Academy of Science young researcher prize in computer sciences, and of an ERC Starting Grant EXPLORERS. He is a fellow of the European Association for AI (EurAI), and of the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI) as well as a recipient of the ACP Distinguished Service Award. Her mission is to provide investors and institutions with predictive macro-economic and financial indicators to identify profitable investment opportunities and associated risks by analyzing alternative data such as satellite imagery, social networks, meteorological data, shipping, etc. He conducts research on decisions which have a moral component, especially in the context of machine ethics and human-AI cooperation. After heading up a business unit at ALCIMED, a company specializing in sectors driven by innovation, life sciences (biotech, healthcare, food), energy, environment, aeronautics, chemicals, cosmetics, materials, building, transportation, space and defence—she joined CLS as project coordination manager for space oceanography in 2009. Jean-Jacques joined then as a technical architect the ATTOL (Autonomous Taxi, Take Off, and Landing) demonstrator that successfully flew an AIRBUS aircraft without any pilot interaction, only based on sensors and computer vision software. Romaric is a senior expert in Artificial Intelligence, he started in early days with LISP programming and had the chance to work with various symbolic and data driven AI technologies.He went through various roles: software engineer in an Artificial Intelligence startup, Team leader of AIRBUS AI research team, DataLab manager in AIRBUS Defence and Space and he is currently the AIRBUS « Fast Track » Leader reporting directly to the AIRBUS CTO. As for now, since 2018, she is the head of Innovation at the Directorate for Military Intelligence. He chaired the European Commission independent expert group on the ethics of driverless mobility whose report was released in September 2020. In charge of various departments in Pôle emploi until 2013, I especially participated in the forward-looking work on the labour market by 2020 on behalf of Pôle emploi. L’Observatoire) and in March 2017 “Des Robots et des Hommes: mythes, fantasmes et réalité” (Ed. He is also a member of three committees of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethically Aligned Design of Autonomous & Intelligent Systems, a Senior Research Associate with the Program on Science, Technology and Society at Harvard, and a Fellow with the Center for the Governance of Change at IE Business School in Madrid. Community See All. She is also part time associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique. He is a shareholder and present on the board of several Startups. Today, he is the CEO of Synapse Development which, under his leadership, continues its growth while maintaining the level of excellence of these products. Since 2016, Arnaud has also been deeply involved in the setting up and management of Airbus OneWeb Satellites Joint Venture; the first low-cost, high performance non geostationary satellites for mass production, leading to the creation of the world’s first and largest purpose-built production satellite factory in Florida. In 2012, Fabien founded a start-up on connected objects. Jean-Jacques has an engineering degree in Automatics and Electronics from INSA Toulouse, a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from Paul Sabatier University, and a DEA in Automatics. Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Professor of Ethics and AI, CNRS-Sorbonne Université, Head of the Cybersecurity AI Group, Hub France IA. Started as vision engineer and took successive positions as leading expert, manufacturing technologies manager, Industry 4.0 project leader. Thomas Schiex is a computer scientist and a computational biologist. She is a founding member and member of the board of Hub France IA (read AI). Can European data regulation become a castrating factor for innovation? Programme Intelligence Campus, Ministère des Armées, President/CEO, NXU / U-Need / HUB France IA, Chief Scientific Director, Health Data Hub. Patrick is member of the board of Digital 113 (cluster of SME in Occitanie), member of the AI Think Tank NXU and founder of the Alliance for Open Chatbot. Forgot account? Erwan Le Pennec is associate professor at the applied math departement of Ecole Polytechnique. She is also a Google Developer Expert in machine learning. At the beginning focused on intelligent video analytics working with law enforcement & sensitive sites on key subjects (facial recognition, perimeter protection, access control, forensic enhancement…), he moved to cyber security in 2017 taking the lead of the IBM France Cyber Security Ecosystem team in 2018. or. Also, during her first years, Ghizlaine has worked as psychotherapist for children with autism and childhood psychosis for the Red Cross. Her research and teaching activities are focused on the improvement of the performances of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains. Head of At Home external relations, he also leads the Toulouse is AI program. Cas pratique – Protection des données d’entreprises, quelles conditions pour déployer une suite DLP ? His main interests focus on the relationships between Humans and tools they create to solve problems and to face to complexity. Emmanuel Saliot is graduated in Politics (Sciences Po Paris) and in European Law (Free University of Brussels). He has also spent one year in University of Pennsylvania as an Image Processing researcher. She holds a research chair in the ANITI project on “New certification approaches of AI based systems for civil aeronautics”. He addresses the implication of new technologies in the changing nature of conflict and their impacts, especially in Military Robotics, Cyberdéfense, Artificial Intelligence and in the Enhancement of the Soldier. Auteur du livre « From Digital Traces to Algorithmic Projections » publié aux éditions ISTE & Elsevier, il a défini les nouveaux concepts de projection algorithmique d’un individu, de niveau d’ubiquité et de consentement algorithmique. Hosted by Campus CESI Le Mans. All Cybersecurity Conferences and Events taking place in Bordeaux in [year] will be placed within this resource. Founder of the FPTI, Federation of Intrusion Testing Professionals. Days 2 and 3 of the event will gather even more industry experts to discuss the application of AI in various industries, such as mobility, manufacturing, and services, but also the role of AI in enhancing business activities. Raphael holds a Master of Science in Computer Science & Networks from Supélec, France. He has been developing models of intrinsically motivated learning, pioneering curiosity-driven learning algorithms working in real world robots, and developed theoretical frameworks to understand better human curiosity and autonomous learning. Since 2010, he was serving at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, where he participated and led some audit missions on various public policies for the Government. Conférence NAIA Bordeaux, 19 mars 2019 Intelligence artificielle et cybersécurité. He joined CNES in January 2016 as Advisor of the Director of Innovation, Applications and science (DIA). He is an expert for the Global Patnership on AI Future of Work (OECD) Working Group and contributes to the Toulouse Think Tank NXU. 1,100 people follow this. Since 2008, Nicolas Dobigeon has been with Toulouse INP (INP-ENSEEIHT, University of Toulouse) where he is currently a Professor. He is an alumnus of the German Marshall Fund and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris in public policy management. David has led studies in several fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Energy, Engineering, Public works, Safety, Airports or Water supply. Select which regions in the United States you're interested in. It is also an unprecedented impulse that places France as a leader in promoting a road map for European digital strategic autonomy. TPierre-Yves OUDEYERResearch Director & Head of the Inria and Ensta-ParisTech FLOWERS Team. He then created Pick-and-Go in the field of plastic pallet pooling and realized the need to track mobile assets.

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